Application example

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Application example

Post by Admin on Tue May 06, 2014 10:35 am

If you want join pls tell us about you

1. What is your name in cabal:

2. What is your level (we acept only peoples with lvl170+):

3. What is your character`s class:

4. Which is your honor rank and nation:

5. What gear do you use:

- helm:
- suit:
- boots:
- gloves:
- weapons:
- rings:
- bracelets:
- earings:
- epaulet:
- amulet:
- bike/board:
- charm:
- effectors:
- belt:

6. Have you ever used hacks:

7. In which guilds have you been before:

8. How many times you were in:

9. What is your nationality in real life:

10. Which languages do you speak:

11. How long have you been playing Cabal:

12. How many hours do you spend playing in a day:

13. Why do you want to join Infinite guild:

14. Read rules and tell if you accept them:
(you can find the rules here: )


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