WTJ ShadowSexy (Madelyne)

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WTJ ShadowSexy (Madelyne)

Post by Madelyne on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:06 pm

1. What is your name in cabal:ShadowSexy

2. What is your level (we acept only peoples with lvl170+):171

3. What is your character`s class:FA

4. Which is your honor rank and nation: Class honor 11 Capella

5. What gear do you use:

- helm:Sig metal 26% CD +6(i know it's crap)
- suit:Terra 7% amp 50 hp +9
- boots:Mithril CM 8% amp 3% rezist amp +9
- gloves:terra +9 7% amp 10 hp steal
- weapons: 2 mithril orb 3% amp 20% CD +9 (one it's +6 i take fail) Sad
- rings:merga ring rol+2 1cr+2 1cr+1
- bracelets:2 bos+6
- earings:ve+6 and drosnin 30 hp steal and 20 deff
- epaulet:eos+6
- amulet:aop+5
- bike/board:k-red
- charm: no have
- effectors:no have
- belt:bos chaos sage +5

6. Have you ever used hacks:never

7. In which guilds have you been before:Divergent

8. How many times you were in:
FT2:20 i know quest and dung very good
MO:0 i know quest and dung very good

9. What is your nationality in real life:Romania

10. Which languages do you speak: ro/eng

11. How long have you been playing Cabal: 6 years but with this character 3 month

12. How many hours do you spend playing in a day: 6-7 with breaks

13. Why do you want to join Infinite guild: i do my best to grow up
I need an active and friendly guild for tg and dung

14. Read rules and tell if you accept them: yes


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Re: WTJ ShadowSexy (Madelyne)

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:21 pm

Apply closed we acept you.

Why? Becouse u was in our guild with bl and we got never problems with you.


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